Firefly’s here to stay and grow


KUALA LUMPUR: Community airline Firefly, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, has denied ru-mours that it will cease flight op-erations to make way for AirAsia Bhd.

The rumours came about as part of the share-swap deal between MAS and Airasia in August last year.

MAS, and Firefly chief operating officer (short-haul) Ignatius Ong said Firefly is not a low-cost carrier, thus has no relation with AirAsia.

We do not cease operation to ac-commodate for AirAsia … Just to be clear, Firefly is actually a commu-nity airline,” he said.

Ong also said that the only thing Firefly did was to cease jet opera-tions from Kuala Lumpur Interna-tional Airport, adding that Firefly is always looking for possibilities to grow.

“The Firefly turboprop operations continue to stay. We are here to stay and we are here to grow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Firefly is considering leasing some of its turbojets as it plans to acquire new generation turbojets as part of its expansion drive.

New generation turboprop air-craft are not coming into place until probably another five years down the road. So, we are considering looking at leasing some aircraft to come in Ong said

However, he said that depends on the market demand.

“Once we have actually sustained a higher demand, definitely we’ll be looking at the expansion,” he said. .

Ong also said that Firefly will an-nounce some new routes and rear-rangement of frequencies in the next two months.

“We may adjust the route frequen-cies on those that are not popular. But those which are actually with high demand, we are looking at putting more frequency into those routes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Firefly is targeting a 20 per cent increase in sales revenue for its turboprop operation at the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents Fair in Kuala Lumpur, from RM1 million made last year.

He said Firefly would the best deals and value ac and incorporate shopping int, of its travel and tour packa; fered at the fair from March 1 By Bilqis Bahari.

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